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Architects use underfloor heating in London homes

For hundreds of years, properties based in the nation’s bustling capital have been built slim and tall to fit the maximum amount of living space into increasingly smaller square footage. Every year, London becomes more populated, requiring UK architects to use every trick of their trade to provide more room for city dwellers – including underfloor heating.

While many accommodation options in London can feel cramped and confined, new homes offered in Limehouse and Spitalfields seem positively spacious in comparison. From the former homes of silk weavers to skinny townhouses from the Georgian era built on the appropriately named Narrow Street, homes reimagined by professional architects are presenting a more palatial presence.

Built-in furniture has been beneficial to future homeowners, with storage areas already added that complement the size and shape of these skinnier living areas. Changing the levels of floors between rooms has also been instrumental, while glass and other reflective features make the most of natural light making room feel far more spacious than they are.

Underfloor heating has proved an important component in these slimmer buildings. Unlike bulky radiators jutting out from walls, required for a conventional gas boiler set up, an underfloor heating system is entirely hidden from sight and takes up zero wall space.

Additionally, underfloor heating offers excellent energy efficiency ratings, leading to lower utility bills over time – a useful asset to anyone based in London who must contend with a higher cost of living than many other parts of the country.

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