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Swansea scheme recognised for eco-friendly features

A significant office development scheme planned for the Welsh city of Swansea, called The Kingsway, has seen its designs praised for delivering “environmental excellence”. From its energy efficient underfloor heating to its solar panels capturing the sun’s rays and converting them into power, the high-tech design work is focused on reducing Swansea’s carbon footprint.

Once opened, the development will provide new commercial space, supplying 600 employment opportunities to residents of the city. To minimise energy usage onsite, the building’s innovative design combines a heat recovery system with state-of-the-art underfloor heating. To make the most of this efficient heating option, the building is well-glazed and insulated throughout.

The glazing allows the building to maximise the amount of natural light it receives, reducing its energy needs further. Along with the solar panelling on top of the office block, The Kingsway will also have a green roof, saving on the building’s water consumption.

The property also has an in-built feature that can capture rainwater, supplying trees and plants in and around the building with much-needed water.

Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism at Swansea Council, Robert Francis-Davies, commented on the design:

“The environmentally-friendly features due to form part of this development will build on a huge amount of work the council is already carrying out to create a greener and more sustainable city, as we head towards a target zero carbon future.”

On completion, the five-storey building will be completely carbon zero and will be worth £32.6 million each year to benefit Swansea’s economy. The Kingsway is expected to open in 2023.

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