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Can an underfloor heated bathroom impact a home’s value?

Recent findings have revealed that a bathroom’s fixtures and fittings can have a significant effect on how much a house will sell for. Among the features most likely to boost the asking price of a property, installing underfloor heating is ranked highly, helping bathrooms offer viewers what experts call the “Wow Factor”.

According to property agents, luxury living standards are one of the most key factors for selling properties in the current housing market. Since March last year, many householders have spent more time in their homes than ever before and are now seeking optimum comfort levels.

An underfloor heated bathroom can tick this box perfectly. Stepping out of a shower or bath onto a perfectly heated floor on a chilly winter morning is an enviable option for any homeowner. Underfloor heating is particularly suited to bathrooms for multiple reasons. It works exceptionally well with both porcelain and natural stone tiles, which are able to conduct the heat effectively, reducing a home’s energy bills.

Additionally, like kitchens, which are also suited to underfloor heating, bathrooms have numerous fitted appliances, from sinks and showers to bidets and toilets, which leaves little wall space for radiators. Fortunately, with underfloor heating, all equipment is tucked tidily out of sight, freeing up walls for units and appliances.

From energy savings and more available space to exceptional comfort, it’s not surprising that an underfloor heated bathroom will amp the asking price of a home and impress and attract buyers seeking a higher standing of living from their home.

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