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Guests to enjoy underfloor warmth in stylish hotel

A new hotel in London’s Shoreditch is now offering unrivalled comforts to its guests, including opulent underfloor heating.

With rooms finished to an exacting standard, the Mondrian offers those staying an indulgent experience in one of the UK capital’s most fashionable locations. Beneath dark tiling, stylish bathrooms are warmed by radiant heat from a cutting-edge underfloor heating system. This allows guests to step from an impressive range of facilities, including a shower-cum-hammam and a freestanding bathtub, to flooring gently heated to perfection.

The new location in Shoreditch for the Mondrian was once another hotel, the Curtain. A comprehensive refurbishment was necessary, however, to stamp the contemporary design that the luxury lifestyle brand is renowned for on the property, ensuring it could meet the competition of other hotels in the district, including the Courthouse, the Hart, the Hoxton and the Z.

Underfloor heating has many benefits for hoteliers wishing to create a premium experience for those who come to stay. Unlike heating solutions that employ radiators, underfloor systems not only provide warmth underfoot, but create a more even temperature for rooms.

As well as these enhanced comfort levels, guests can enjoy far more spacious living areas, as these innovative systems are tucked out of view below floor coverings, avoiding the bulk of radiators. The lack of obtrusive heating equipment also improves the overall aesthetic of rooms, a much sought-after quality for those who desire to present a luxe living experience for their select clientele.

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