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Scottish cottage warmed by underfloor heating

Only a short car ride from the city lights of Dundee, a country cottage has become available, and it is well-prepared for Scotland’s winter weather.

Equipped with four dedicated wood burners and a cutting-edge underfloor heating system, the 6.5-acre property is ready to banish the snowy cold. According to The Courier, current resident Michael King, who has enjoyed his time working from home since last year, commented:

“We’ve got underfloor heating as well as the wood burner. Even when the temperature is below zero and there’s snow outside it can be warm enough in here that you need a window open.”

While the underfloor heating system handles heat indoors, two wood burners are situated within the home and two outside, allowing the unspoiled natural beauty of the area to be enjoyed come rain or shine.

Dubbed Stables Cottage for a reason, the impressive rural residence has competition-standard equestrian facilities on site, including paddocks that can be viewed from outdoor patios. Onsite, there is stabling for up to 10 horses, a hay store and tack room. An immaculate riding arena has also been established, and it is capable of holding national events involving full-height jumps.

Along with the modernised heating system, the property also has a cutting-edge security network, allowing it to be guarded by the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras. Inside, the rooms are spacious, from the large-scale master bedroom and games room with snooker table to the outdoor shelter designed that comes complete with its own hot tub, bar and drinks fridge.

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