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Is underfloor heating suited to sports halls?

Homeowners who have installed an underfloor heating system understand that such solutions provide many benefits. From more affordable energy bills to the luxury comforts and streamlined design that avoids unnecessary clutter, underfloor heating is ideal for a domestic environment.

Now, proprietors of sports halls, schools and clubs with gymnasiums are also tuning into the advantages of these innovative heating systems. Read on for some of the reasons why an increasing number of sports halls are fitting underfloor heating.

Uniform heating

Unlike other forms of central heating, underfloor heating systems provide uniform heat that is ideal for warming large spaces. A heated sports hall provides an all-weather area where people can compete or exercise in comfort, and those watching events can sit comfortably.

Maximising space

Unlike conventional heating systems, underfloor options are hidden out of sight, whether they are water-based or operate using electricity. This allows sport halls to optimise the space at their disposal. With walls space freed up, there is more room for indoor pitches and courts, seating areas for spectators or exercise equipment for training.

Avoiding obstructions

Finally, underfloor heating systems also minimise any chance of injury compared to more conventional solutions. Unlike radiators and bulky heating units, there is zero chance of a player, athlete or child injuring themselves on an underfloor system.

Along with presenting a physical obstruction, many traditional heating systems can be a visual distraction as well. By installing underfloor heating, venues and sports halls can ensure all using their facilities can focus on their fitness.

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