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New heating grants for UK homeowners

The UK government has decreed that brand-new gas boilers, which typically run radiator-style heating systems, will be banned from around 2035. To incentivise households to modernise their current heating systems, the government is also rolling out a three-year programme of £5,000 grants.

The grants are designed to encourage property owners to forsake traditional gas boilers and install more environmentally friendly heat pumps to help warm their homes instead. Air and ground source heat pumps are low-flow systems, which are better suited to underfloor heating than conventional radiators.

This is because underfloor heating operates effectively with low-flow systems. Unlike commonly installed heating systems around the UK, underfloor heating takes less energy to warm rooms to a comfortable and uniform temperature. This makes these systems an eco-friendly option, as they are more energy efficient than homes heated by radiators, especially when homes are well-insulated against draughts. Underfloor heating also reduces the size of energy bills experienced by homeowners.

The upcoming scheme will launch in April next year, and it will run for three consecutive years, allowing households plenty of time to take advantage of the £500,000 grants available.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the scheme at the recent summit for greener investments in the UK:

“Our new grants will help homeowners make the switch sooner, without costing them extra, so that going green is the better choice when their boiler needs an upgrade.”

According to the UK government, the total cost of the initiative is around £450 million.

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