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Rocky retreat offers underfloor heat

A secluded, underfloor-heated staycation spot that featured on the hit Channel 4 television show Grand Designs has now been nominated one of the most unusual holiday destinations here in the UK.

Dubbed the Rockhouse Retreat, the one-of-a-kind holiday home is hidden away in a secluded area of countryside near Kidderminster in Worcestershire. Described as a unique opportunity for a romantic getaway, the historic staycation spot was sculpted by hand over 700 years ago from a sandstone cliffside that dates back to the Triassic period.

For many centuries, the cave provided shelter, before becoming disused in the 1960s. It was then bought by a retired businessman named Angelo Mastropietro. Over an eight-month period, he tirelessly upgraded and remodelled the shelter to modern standards single-handedly. This transformed it from a simple shelter into the contemporary and stylish living space it is today.

The extensive refurbishment cost the former businessman £100,000 to complete. Now, guests staying at the Rockhouse Retreat can enjoy staying in an ancient cave with running water, a modern underfloor heating system, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Inside, the retreat has a spacious bedroom complete with a king-sized bed and wood burner. It also has a sitting room with an inglenook fireplace to keep it cosy. The kitchen is fully fitted and has its own electric range.

There is also a terrace with ample room for alfresco dining to recapture the cave-era spirit with some outdoor cooking on the gas barbeque or firepit beneath the stars.

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