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Why get underfloor heating this winter?

With winter looming, many householders around the UK are starting to check home heating systems. When the cold starts to creep in, the thought of heating breaking down is unthinkable. From making sure a boiler’s diverter valve is working properly to testing radiators are heating up properly and don’t need bleeding, this process can be pain.

Unlike conventional systems, underfloor heating doesn’t require radiators. Installed beneath the floor, heat rises up, warming rooms. To check your heating is working with an underfloor system, all you need to do is switch it on.

Energy-efficient heating

Underfloor heating provides more even heat while using a lower temperature and low flow. This can add up to significant savings on energy bills, which is ideal when you’re using more heat over the winter months.

Goodbye cold spots

Traditional radiators push heat out from the sides of rooms where they’re installed. This can lead to cold areas in rooms, especially those experiencing drafts. Underfloor heat rises up from below floor coverings, giving rooms a more consistent level of heat. This makes it perfect for days indoors during poor weather, when you want to relax and enjoy the warmth.

No more chilly floors

Finally, whether it’s taking an early morning shower or venturing down to the kitchen to make tea, stepping on cold floors in winter is not ideal. You won’t need thick socks or slippers to perform these tasks with underfloor heating, however, as it warms even the chilliest of floors. In fact, stone and tiled surfaces, which are renowned for retaining the cold, work perfectly with underfloor systems, as they’re excellent heat conductors.

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