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Construction completes on underfloor-heated assembly hall

Work has now finished on a new assembly hall at Ashton Community Science College in Preston, Lancashire. The new activity space has been designed to be low carbon, using innovative options like underfloor heating and air source heat pumps.

The new structure cost £1 million and uses cutting-edge heat pump technology that utilises air outside the building to either cool or heat the building as needed. The ingenious system provides a low-carbon alternative to electric or gas heating, and it powers the underfloor heating installed on site.

Using a combination of underfloor heating and the air source heat pump, the building has a greater energy efficiency rating and a reduced carbon footprint compared to the ranking it would have if it used a more traditional solution.

At present, 23 per cent of emissions produced in the United Kingdom come from powering and heating homes, work premises and public buildings. This has led an increasing number of enterprises and homeowners to update the way they use energy and heat at the properties they own.

Along with the innovative equipment for cooling and heating the activities space, the hall has been designed for a wide variety of different uses. By fitting a drop-down screen and retractable seating, the new building can serve as an examination area, a lecture theatre and an assembly hall.

The underfloor heating and heat pump installation at the secondary school are part of Lancashire County Council’s continuing efforts to meet its net-zero target for carbon emissions.

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