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Should you leave your underfloor heating on this winter?

Whether you choose to get an underfloor heating system installed by professionals or tackle it yourself to test your DIY skills, once it’s fitted, you’ll feel the benefits. When British wintertime begins, you might be wondering how best to use your system and may be tempted to crank the heat up high or leave it on constantly. Read of some useful tips on how to get the best from your system.

Leaving your system on all day in winter

It’s always wise in winter to keep your underfloor heating system on all the time. However, the temperature you set will differ depending on activity and usage of rooms within your home. An underfloor heating system can take between two to three hours to fully warm up. For this reason, turning it off entirely is best avoided. By keeping it continually on at a low temperature, you can swiftly heat up your rooms when it gets chilly outside.

However, if you install thermostats in each room, you can keep the rooms you aren’t using unheated and reduce your energy consumption.

Do you need to use a high temperature?

Underfloor heating systems are low flow, making them incredibly energy efficient. They produce a more even heat in rooms, unlike radiator systems, which experience cold patches. This often means that far lower heating settings are necessary to warm up rooms to optimum comfort levels.

Underfloor systems work most effectively in homes that are insulated. To avoid heat loss and keep cosy, attend to any areas where warmth is escaping.

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