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Underfloor heating listed as household energy saver

A new report issued by metal treatment experts at UK manufacturer Jenolite has included underfloor heating as among the best ways for homeowners to reduce their annual energy bills.

A significant increase in global wholesale gas pricing in 2021 has led to energy bills rising around the world. In response, the UK’s energy market regulator Ofgem has increased the energy price cap, which limits how much suppliers are able to charge their customers. The result on UK household energy bills will be an increase of between 12 to 13 per cent.

The new research conducted by Jenolite suggests that homeowners across the country could potentially save over £1,000 every year by making improvements to their homes.

The installation of an underfloor heating system was included in the list of valuable work homeowners could undertake to save money on energy bills. The firm’s findings indicated that households could shave around £240 off their annual bills every year, while enjoying the added comfort and warmth of an underfloor solution.

Maintaining home boilers and ensuring they are working correctly was also listed, saving homeowners around £245 every year, while replacing outdated radiators could save as much as £370 annually. Making certain that a property’s windows are effectively sealed was also listed, with homeowners enjoying approximate savings of £240 each year on their utilities.

Regular maintenance of home systems that prevent damage and other issues was also advised. Among the many benefits of underfloor heating systems, they are exceptionally low maintenance, keeping costs low and making life easier for those who have them installed.

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