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What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

Traditional central heating solutions using a network of radiators have been a UK homeowner’s go-to option since back in the mid-1800s. However, since the year 2000, technological progress has seen underfloor heating become a much sought-after choice to warm homes across the country. Read on to explore some of the ways this state-of-the-art option is superior to conventional central heating.

Substantial savings

Underfloor heating systems can seem like a more costly option to install compared to central heating. However, over time, the energy efficiency of underfloor heating can allow homeowners to make serious savings on their annual bills. This means that the initial outlay for the system can be recouped, and over £200 can be shaved off utility bills each year.

Total temperature control

While a central heating system will offer households a maximum of two and often just one thermostat, it’s common practice for underfloor heating systems to be fitted with a temperature control in each room. This allows residents to only warm the areas of their home in use, lowering energy use. Some of the most modern systems feature smart tech that controls usage further and can even offer convenient access to controls via an app on a mobile phone.

Even, radiant heat

Finally, underfloor heating emits radiant heat upwards from below floor coverings, allowing users to immediately experience the warmth beneath their feet when a system kicks in, whereas homes with radiators will need to wait for them to heat up. Underfloor heating also offers more evenly distributed warmth in rooms, unlike centrally heated houses, which can experience cold patches.

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