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Is electric underfloor heating tricky to install?

It’s common knowledge that electric underfloor heating systems provide households with unrivalled home comforts and reduced energy bills thanks to their enhanced efficiency ratings. However, prior to purchasing underfloor heating equipment, you might be wondering how simple a task installing a system in your house will be.

The types of electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating systems are offered in three unique formats: foil mats, loose cable and sticky mats. Homeowners will find each of these designs ideally suited to rooms where you want to avoid a floor height increase. Invisible to the naked eye, systems are fitted discreetly under floor coverings and make next to no difference on the dimensions of a room following installation.


Electrical-based underfloor heating is often favoured by DIY enthusiasts, as they don’t need a gas-safe engineer for installations.

Mat options can be deployed rapidly, even when rooms are large. Heating cables come pre-attached to a mesh made from fibreglass that is easy to lay in a swift installation. Loose cable systems can also make life simpler, especially when you need to tailor systems to fit awkward-shaped spaces. Providing maximum flexibility, they can be placed in any configuration required.

Among the multiple advantages of buying an underfloor heating system that runs on electricity is just how quick and easy they are to put in place. Compared to wet underfloor heating systems, electrical options cause slightly less disruption to residents. This often makes them a sought-after heating system for both retro fits and new builds alike.

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