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Underfloor-heated eco-home harnesses sustainable energy

An environmentally friendly home based near Plaistow in West Sussex is offering future homeowners a wide range of cutting-edge features. From a hangar that can house a helicopter to its innovative underfloor heating system, the property has much to offer.

A prefabricated “Huf Haus”, the five-bedroom home has been designed to offer a more sustainable way of living for families. Due to the technology in place, it is able to function effectively while using no fossil fuels whatsoever.

Both its state-of-the-art underfloor heating system and hot water needs are powered by heat exchange pipes located on the bed of a nearby lake, in conjunction with a ground source heat pump. Underfloor heating works especially well with low-carbon solutions like heat pumps, as both use a low-flow system in operation.

The home has also been super insulated to maximise the unbeatable warmth and comfort generated by an underfloor solution. While home heating solutions that are energy efficient are beneficial to the environment and homeowners seeking to reduce their property’s carbon footprint, they can also considerably cut utility costs.

Based in 20 acres of verdant parkland, the house has its own private tennis courts and boasts a hangar for a helicopter. It also features a dedicated music room, two offices, a home cinema room, a party room and numerous terraces and patios to enjoy the surrounding views from. Ancillary buildings are located within the property’s boundaries and include a wine cellar, barn and triple-car garage.

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