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Why is underfloor heating perfect for kids’ rooms?

If you’re redesigning your child’s bedroom or playroom, you might want to consider underfloor heating over traditional home radiators. Electric underfloor heated mats are ideal for retrofitting and easy to install. One they are fitted, you and your little ones will enjoy many different benefits. Below, you’ll find just some of the reasons why these innovative options are well suited to parts of the home where kids sleep and play.

A safer solution than radiators

By design, radiators are made from durable metal and are often boxy in design. Their pointed corners and hard edges can present a significant risk to children if they fall against them playing, whether your heating is switched on or off. When your system is active, their significant surface area can get incredibly hot and can be harmful to children’s soft skin.

Underfloor heating offers exceptional heat, but remains at a safe distance from where children are playing, as it’s tucked beneath flooring. As a result, it presents zero risk.

A warm place to play

From board games and building sets to drawing and teddy bears’ tea parties, kids love playing on the floor. Unlike radiators, underfloor heating warms up rooms evenly, reducing chilly draughts. Rooms heat upwards from the floor, creating a comfortable and cosy surface for play.

Additional space available

Finally, underfloor heating allows you to effectively use all space available. This allows kids more floor space to play on, and you can fit toy chests, cupboards and other units in easier, helping you keep bedroom and play areas tidy.

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