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Is electric underfloor heating tricky to install?

It’s common knowledge that electric underfloor heating systems provide households with unrivalled home comforts and reduced energy bills thanks to their enhanced efficiency ratings. However, prior to purchasing underfloor heating equipment, you might be wondering how simple a

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The top benefits of electric underfloor heating

The superior and simple comfort of a heated floor is an affordable feature of many modern homes. Underfloor heating dates back to the ancient Romans who understood the pleasure of warmth underfoot, employing the

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Demand for electric underfloor heating growing globally

Despite the continuing global economic uncertainty, the electric underfloor heating sector is booming. A recent report published by

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UK companies fight to keep energy efficiency scheme in place

More than 40 businesses and organisations have come together in an attempt to persuade the Prime Minister to keep a regulation forcing the UK’s energy suppliers to help low-income households fund energy efficiency

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Electric or Water Based Underfloor Heating?

So you’re thinking of installing Underfloor Heating? One of the first decisions you need to make is which type of system to go for, electric or water based. Electric based systems use electricity to heat collections of wires running under your floor. Where as the water based system uses a pipe to pump hot water […]