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Posted on: 9th January 2021 | Comments: 0

Ban planned for gas boilers

Recently revealed UK legislation is now looking to ban any new installations of gas boilers from around

Posted on: 30th July 2019 | Comments: 0

Shrewsbury campsite amps up the glamp factor

Holiday lodges available in Shrewsbury, Shropshire are now offering visitors a camping experience worthy of a luxury hotel and spa. Campers seeking comfort from

Posted on: 20th September 2016 | Comments: 0

Lincolnshire tigers given luxury underfloor heating

One lucky streak of tigers has been treated to a brand new enclosure installation, which includes luxurious underfloor heating. The tigers, which are

Posted on: 12th May 2015 | Comments: 0

Gerard Butler buys Scottish home

He may be big in Hollywood, but it seems like film star Gerard Butler wants to get back to his

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Homeowners paid to have reliable heating installed

Many households have taken advantage of the new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to have a more reliable heating system installed in their home. This includes Bedford bungalow owners

Posted on: 1st September 2014 | Comments: 0

Eco building project shows off the luxury of green technology

An ex-school building in Pencader is being designed to prove that environmentally-friendly technology can have its advantages for home owners and

Posted on: 21st July 2014 | Comments: 0

St Asaph couple take care of abandoned lamb

A kind couple from North Wales has taken in a small lamb that was abandoned by her mother and nursed her back to

Posted on: 11th July 2014 | Comments: 0

Heated toilets prove popular with the homeless

Upmarket public toilets in Weston-super-Mare have attracted the attention of the local homeless population. The toilets, which are

Posted on: 3rd April 2014 | Comments: 0

Renewable heat incentive launched for farmers

Farmers in the UK will no doubt have been pleased to hear an announcement that the much anticipated Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is about to come into effect. It has been announced that the scheme will come

Posted on: 2nd January 2014 | Comments: 0

Energy price hikes down to suppliers’ greed, according to consumers

A study carried out by Co-operative Energy has found that most consumers in the UK believe a desire for larger profits was the main reason behind the significant energy price hikes seen in 2013. The company’s researchers also said that 70% of respondents claimed that energy suppliers were all too similar, while 63% said they […]