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Posted on: 3rd March 2020 | Comments: 0

Huddersfield guesthouse offers eco-friendly accommodation

One of the West Yorkshire town’s most opulent options for a holiday, a Huddersfield guesthouse is also one the most environmentally conscious in the area. Offering five-star luxury,...

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Posted on: 18th June 2019 | Comments: 0

UK factories go green using innovative alternatives

Governmental policies and incentives in the UK are encouraging a more environmentally conscious approach in the manufacturing sector....

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Posted on: 4th June 2019 | Comments: 0

Bognor Regis Butlin’s resort opens £40m pool

Holiday resort chain Butlin’s has launched a brand new swimming pool worth £40m at its Bognor Regis location. In...

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Posted on: 16th April 2019 | Comments: 0

In-depth underfloor heating overview research now available

A detailed analysis and forecast for the underfloor heating systems market has now been offered at The specialist market research company...

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Posted on: 21st March 2019 | Comments: 0

A look at underfloor heating systems across the world

In recent years, the popularity of underfloor heating has soared. In the UK alone, the value of the market has risen by 25% since 2014. This has happened largely...

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Posted on: 18th February 2019 | Comments: 0

Smart Manchester taps into underfloor heating

The campaign to turn Manchester into a Smart city includes encouraging builders to take advantage of highly-efficient underfloor heating...

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Posted on: 16th January 2019 | Comments: 0

Defunct mine to keep providing underfloor heating for nearby homes

A 155-year-old German coal mine will continue to provide heat for residents even after it closes, with the help of modern underfloor heating technology. Germany...

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Posted on: 2nd January 2019 | Comments: 0

Cottage that inspired hit film The Holiday goes up for sale

Cottage that inspired hit film The Holiday goes up for sale The cottage that...

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Posted on: 18th December 2018 | Comments: 0

Granary gets new lease of life thanks to underfloor heating

An old granary in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire has been transformed into a community centre complete with state-of-the-art underfloor heating system. In 2009,...

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Posted on: 4th December 2018 | Comments: 0

Innovative use of underfloor heating keeps hens happy

A hill farmer has found an interesting way of keeping thousands of hens comfortable and warm enough to carry on laying. Llyr Jones, whose farm...

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