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Posted on: 9th September 2021 | Comments: 0

UK’s first underfloor-heated trains start service

Marking a UK debut, cutting-edge electric commuter trains equipped with underfloor heating and operated by Greater Anglia have now entered service, running on

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Three underfloor heating facts you might not be aware of

In the last 10 years, underfloor heating has seen a significant spike in popularity, with interior designers, developers and householders opening up to its potential. Despite this fact, many people are still unaware of many aspects of this alternative to traditional boiler-radiator systems. In the next sections, we’ll explore three points about

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Is an underfloor heating system difficult to install?

For many reasons, the demand for dedicated underfloor heating installations in UK homes is on the rise. With no radiators required, properties that are underfloor heated enjoy more streamlined aesthetics and increased living space for dwellers. With radiant heat rising from the floor and

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Space-age glamping pod offers underfloor warmth

Marston Park in Frome, Somerset is offering glampers a 1960s-style science fiction experience in the form of its underfloor-heated Futuro House.

Posted on: 24th July 2021 | Comments: 0

Architects use underfloor heating in London homes

For hundreds of years, properties based in the nation’s bustling capital have been built slim and tall to fit the maximum amount of living space into increasingly smaller square footage. Every year, London becomes more populated, requiring UK architects to use every trick of their trade to provide more

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Dorset welcomes underfloor-heated tech centre

A new centre housing an agriculture technology project boasting green-minded solutions like underfloor heating and solar rooftop panels has now opened at the

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Ancient site with underfloor heating reopens

A Roman fort in County Durham has reopened for the summer, allowing visitors to see some of the most well-preserved underfloor heating systems here

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Station plans move forward after accommodating underfloor-heated trains

UK train operator Greater Anglia’s deployment plans for the all-new Alstom commuter trains has advanced, following a platform extension in the Essex town of Wickford’s railway station. Platform 1 has now been lengthened to suit the longer Alstom trains, which also offer luxury comforts to their

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Charity launches underfloor heating training course

Government goals to reach net-zero and a rise in public awareness regarding environmental issues is increasing demand from UK homeowners to install underfloor heating systems within

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What economic benefits come from installing underfloor heating?

From mortgage-paying homeowners to landlords renting out rooms, an underfloor heating system can offer economic advantages. In the next sections, we’ll explore the cost of different systems and some of the key financial benefits this innovative approach to