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Posted on: 18th February 2019 | Comments: 0

Smart Manchester taps into underfloor heating

The campaign to turn Manchester into a Smart city includes encouraging builders to take advantage of highly-efficient underfloor heating...

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Posted on: 16th January 2019 | Comments: 0

Defunct mine to keep providing underfloor heating for nearby homes

A 155-year-old German coal mine will continue to provide heat for residents even after it closes, with the help of modern underfloor heating technology. Germany...

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Posted on: 2nd January 2019 | Comments: 0

Cottage that inspired hit film The Holiday goes up for sale

Cottage that inspired hit film The Holiday goes up for sale The cottage that...

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Posted on: 18th December 2018 | Comments: 0

Granary gets new lease of life thanks to underfloor heating

An old granary in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire has been transformed into a community centre complete with state-of-the-art underfloor heating system. In 2009,...

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Posted on: 4th December 2018 | Comments: 0

Innovative use of underfloor heating keeps hens happy

A hill farmer has found an interesting way of keeping thousands of hens comfortable and warm enough to carry on laying. Llyr Jones, whose farm...

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Posted on: 14th November 2018 | Comments: 0

Choosing a heat pump for your underfloor heating system

Using a heat pump with an underfloor heating system is a great idea, and is one of the cheapest ways to keep your home or commercial premises warm. However, it...

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Posted on: 1st November 2018 | Comments: 0

Study shows underfloor heating can be cheaper than traditional radiators

Installing underfloor heating in a new build has often been seen as a more expensive option, but a new study demonstrates that this is no longer the case. The research...

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Posted on: 17th October 2018 | Comments: 0

One of UK’s biggest Roman villas found to have underfloor heating

Cambridge University’s archaeological team recently uncovered a huge building in its entirety, including the surprisingly modern way it was heated. The team...

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Posted on: 3rd October 2018 | Comments: 0

Commuters set to enjoy new trains with underfloor heating

Greater Anglia has announced that its new high-spec trains will start to be used from the winter of 2019, including a certain perk that will be warmly welcomed...

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Posted on: 17th September 2018 | Comments: 0

Animal hotel with underfloor heating nominated for three awards

A pet hotel in North Wales is celebrating three nominations for prestigious business awards. The Pet Joint, which...

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