ProWarm™ is the right choice for Underfloor Heating Installers

Why use ProWarm™?

  • Guarantees & Warranties
  • High grade materials
  • Full tech support
  • Account handlers

As an installer or contractor you will be in high demand for reliable services and with ProWarm™ you have the guarantee of using a proven product.

ProWarm™ offers a broad range of products made from high grade materials that ensures durability and reliability. We have a qualified team available that offer full tech support and dedicated account handlers for you.

Whether you need guidance or assurance we will be there for you and your client.

Where to buy?

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ProWarm™ recommend the following online retailers ProWarm™ recommend the following online retailers

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Installation videos and instruction manuals

We have installation videos and manuals to give you detailed step-by-step guidance for a successful installation.

Our in-depth knowledge of all installation methods, structural sub floors and floor coverings makes us the industry’s leading experts in both water and electric underfloor heating systems. Our technical staff are fully qualified electricians and plumbers and can offer expert advice on any additional issues you may have.

Installation Videos & Instruction Manuals ProWarm™ provide step-by-step installation videos and manuals for all our products, sub-floors and floor coverings

Underfloor heating systems for any project & every budget

Full Tech Support

There are 10 fully qualified electricians waiting to take calls from customers at ProWarm, the only company that provides underfloor heating to do so.

Three quarters of our staff have had actual experience in the installation of underfloor heating, with technical skills to beat the competition.

ProWarm also has three design teams, comprising experts who are able to provide quotes using customers' own plans or drawings. In addition to being experts for electric and water underfloor heating systems, we are also the most proactive when it comes to advice on suitable floor coverings, structural sub floors and installation of the chosen systems.

All ProWarm™ technical staff are fully qualified electricians and plumbers.

Still unsure?

Speak to our experts

Technical support: 01268 567019

All our technical staff are fully qualified electricians and plumbers.

We are here to offer expert advice on any issues you may have.

Trusted Reviews

Five star rating - 100,00+ satisfied customers

The ProWarm™ brand of underfloor heating is the best online seller in the UK.

The reason for the success of our company is that our products are available at more than 30 online retailers, all approved by ProWarm™, and more than 100 UK outlets, including electrical wholesale suppliers, plumbers’ merchants and tile shops.

ProWarm™ is a five star rated company

The ProWarm™ heating cables are technologically advanced and are among the best on the market. They are also a firm favourite, according to the thousands of customer testimonials.

Some of the largest online stores have received outstanding customer reviews, thanks to the quality of the underfloor heating systems produced by ProWarm™.